Integral Cognitive Therapy...

Psychology, discussion, and exploration for high functioning individuals seeking breakthroughs from a deeper understanding of cognitive, emotional, and relational aspects of being.

Methodology and Mission:

Through traditional, transpersonal, and integral psychotherapeutic methods we explore the effects that conscious and unconscious thoughts are having on decisions, states of being, and patterns of behavior. We explore how applied meanings to events and personal circumstances are shaping the development of character, personality, and interactions on all levels. The objective is for deeper understanding and awareness of self as a way to be more fully functional, effective, and fulfilled.

We explore meaning beyond the ego as a means to access and apply deeper wisdom, compassion, and multiperspectival insight. We explore inner and subconscious thoughts and feelings with the aim of bringing them into conscious awareness. This can include the recognition of shadow elements, and the awareness and interpretation of personal projections and dreams.

"Sebastian Siegel draws insights into the beauty and complexities

of the human condition with an inspiring and original voice.”

~ Marianne Williamson

"In fractured times, healing is more critical than ever.

Sebastian Siegel unites with tools of compassion.”

~ James Hollis, Ph.D.

co-founder C.G. Jung Institute of Philadelphia,

director emeritus of the Jung Center of Houston

“Sebastian’s art is shown in the way he brings people together.”

~ don Miguel Ruiz

My mission is to support you in deepening self knowledge, in overcoming obstacles, and in

uncovering a wealth of insight already inside of you. The objective is to perceive deeper and/or hidden

currents of awareness in order to cultivate and apply greater capacities for functioning dynamically.

“Sebastian Siegel is an integral artist driving consciousness evolution.”

~ Ken Wilber

Die Bewusstseinsrevolution

(The Consciousness Revolution: Meditations for a New World)

via Giger-Verlag Publishing, is available here.

"Bang, bang, bang, so many insights fired off in rapid order with each chapter being a stand-alone meditation inviting me to some unfamiliar place. It reminds me of how Japanese Buddhists chant the scriptures, which are written in Chinese but sounded out phonetically in Japanese, resulting in a ritual language. This book's chanting is seductive and it's filled with stories and lessons to be learned, that is, understood. Siegel makes the language go all the way to a place it cannot go, and winds up pointing to a kind of mystery, deep within, far without, but real as he contends it is. I found myself wondering: where did these words come from - the writer, the seducer of spirit?” 

~ George Tanabe,

Former Chairman, Dept. of Religions, University Hawai'i at Manoa - specialty in Buddhism

Since the beginning of this universe communication has been fundamental to growth. As humans our instinctive drive for survival is to connect, and to communicate. My skill set is in supporting you to exercise this function in the healthiest way possible - to create the types of internal change that yield deeper, clearer, and so more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. 

Points of Focus:

Shadow, Intimacy, Connection, Communication, Compassion, Rage, Doubt, Frustration, Depression, Purpose, Meditative Practices, Transcension, Intuition, Meaning, Joy, Spirituality, Overwhelmment, Abandonment, and Personal Evolution.

Something as fundamental as misunderstanding, or the assumption of meaning in any circumstance, can lead to confusion, doubt, angst, and depression. Through the courageous and healthy exploration of our interactions, we can apply meanings to our relationships that will inspire interpersonal growth. By the examination of our own thoughts and feelings we can decrease self-doubt, increase joy, and cultivate a healthy appetite for life.

“Sebastian’s voice continues to awaken a new generation of forward thinkers."

~ Sedona World Wisdom Days

I do not carry a license for psychotherapy. For nearly twenty years I have conducted immersive study in a wide range of psychotherapeutic and meditative practices, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. I have developed a genuinely integrative practice for applying numerous methods in order to support individuals in the process of deepening interpersonal relations and overcoming cognitive, emotional, and relational blocks. I provide a safe, confidential, caring, and informed environment for personal exploration. My intent is to facilitate a process that will support you in coming to more deeply understand what you are feeling, and why you are feeling what you’re feeling. The objective is to understand the patterns and beliefs that are influencing your life with such clarity, that the healthiest decisions become apparent. My aim is to support you in the process of uncovering the most effective ways for cultivating enduring change and catalyzing self actualization.

Binaural Immersion

I use binaural technology, meditation, and story telling to induce optimal brainwave states for transcendental awareness, developed concentration, abstract thinking, deep rejuvenation, and spiritual growth.

The binaural sound waves I use - integrated with breath, music, and story - will prompt your brain to reconcile differentiating frequencies and subconsciously develop the power and awareness of your mind.

I can host one person, couples, or arrange for fifty to one hundred individuals for a custom,

guided meditation. Be prepared to be taken on an epic journey.

* Guided, binaural and transcendental meditations are available for purchase. *

(can be sent to download to your playlist)

"Mr. Siegel, your commitment in sharing with our incarcerated youth is inspiring.

They were mesmerized by your stories and insightful answers. You were able to project the positive and motivating passion of self-worth and purpose of being; strong characteristics we seek to teach as they attempt to re-enter communities. Thank you.”

~ County of Los Angeles, Probation Department

“Sebastian’s program inspired the minors at LA County to reflect on their love for themselves

as well as others.”

~ LA County Probation, Sylmar Behavior Management Program

"Dear Mr. Siegel, it was a joy to have you provide a program that had such a positive message.

I believe you offered a different perspective on how personal connections are so meaningful."

~ LA County Detention Services, Juvenile Hall

Sebastian Siegel and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche discussing

purpose and compassion

Sebastian Siegel and don Miguel Ruiz

talking human connection